Broadcasting Day

July 21, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The official start time and end time of a complete 24 programming period. For Nielsen, Rentrak and TRA it is 6am to 6am and for Direct TV it is 3am to 3am so both cross standard day changes of 12 midnight and actually include time portions of two different days.

2: Day the program or spot aired. (Source: TIVO)

3: Nielsen Broadcasting Day is 6a – 6a

4: Direct TV Broadcasting Day is 3a – 3a

5: TIVO reports on all program activity between 5AM and 1AM (next day). Broadcast day starts at 5:00AM and ends at 4:59AM.

6: Data received from TIVO is never cut off. Data received from cable are cut off once per day at 2am and uploaded onto TRA servers.

7: FourthWall Media’s broadcast day is configurable, independent of the data collection period. (Source: FourthWall Media)

NOTE – Without standardization of terms, performance by day will vary across processor companies. Same issue for week start days – Sunday or Monday?