July 21, 2012

See also: Advanced Advertising

CIMM DEFINITION: The ability of an operator or provider to direct specific content to specific geographies or audiences.

2: “The ability of a digital device to individually respond to a message sent to many similar devices. Examples include pagers, mobile phones, and Set-Top Boxes for pay TV. Computer networks are also addressable, such as via the MAC address on Ethernet network cards, and similar networking protocols like Bluetooth. This allows data to be sent in cases where it is impractical (or impossible, such as with wireless devices) to control exactly where or to which devices the message is physically sent.” (Source: Wikipedia)

3: “Functionality that enables the delivery of targeted content by allowing a cable operator (or multichannel operator) to remotely activate, disconnect or unscramble the signal received by a subscriber.” (Source: Nielsen Media Research)