Attribution and ROI

Cross-Platform Ad Effectiveness/ROI:

An Exploration and Best Practices for Television Data Inputs in Attribution Modeling

CIMM and the 4A’s Media Measurement Taskforce commissioned Sequent Partners and Janus Strategy and Insights to conduct a study to define best practices for better representation of television in attribution models. It is the fourth white paper in a series commissioned by CIMM and 4A’s examining TV attribution and was structured around two main variables: key inputs of ad schedules and ad exposures across attribution providers.

Whitepaper Comparing TV Attribution Providers

CIMM and the 4A’s Media Measurement Taskforce commissioned Sequent Partners to perform a study of television attribution and key providers to shed light on current practices, demystify the science behind the modeling approaches and analytics, delve into strengths and weaknesses of data supporting the models, and offer a means of comparing the major providers.

Whitepaper Comparing Attribution and Market Mix Modeling Providers

Sequent Partners presents a “facts and figures” comparison of current offerings in digital, cross-platform, multi-touch and television attribution and marketing mix modeling companies available in the US market today. The report gives buyers and sellers the most comprehensive look at 26 attribution and modeling providers. This study was commissioned by CIMM in conjunction with the 4A’s.

Whitepaper on Current Practices in Attribution and ROI Analysis

While progress has been made toward development of methods that enable near real-time cross-platform attribution and ROI analysis, much work still needs to be done and few viable integrated systems for looking at consumer behavior cross-platform are yet available. In this special white paper, commissioned by CIMM in conjunction with the 4A’s, Jim Spaeth and Alice Sylvester of Sequent Partners look at the state of cross-platform attribution and what users of currently available solutions need to know – and ask – as they work with existing vendors in the space.

Whitepaper on Best Practices in Cross-Platform Ad Effectiveness Measurement

Marketers are most concerned with the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, and cross-platform marketing campaigns presents unique challenges to measure. Michele Madansky, PhD, has co-authored a whitepaper for CIMM with Kathryn Koegel on the challenges and opportunities that are emerging in this important area for marketers.
Best Practices in Cross-Platform Advertising Effectiveness Measurement

Cross-Media Advertising Effectiveness Using Passive Measurement of  Ad Exposure