Mission & Goals


The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) is a collaboration of companies in the TV/premium video ecosystem formed to promote innovation and explore new high quality ways to measure audiences across traditional and new media in the United States. To facilitate this ongoing effort, CIMM initiates, funds, and evaluates proof-of-concept pilot tests with measurement companies and publishes research findings.  CIMM members work together to fund, test and develop new ideas that would be too expensive or cumbersome for any individual company to do alone.

The media landscape is changing dramatically, and the television marketplace is changing with it. There has been a significant shift from a TV landscape to a multi-platform, multi-screen media environment. These changes are driving the need for all companies in the TV/premium video ecosystem to understand and measure the impact of both content and ads as they are consumed across multiple screens. The media research initiatives funded by CIMM will ensure that effective media measurement keeps pace with the rapidly changing media environment.


CIMM’s goals are to educate members and the media industry on key measurement challenges and to work with independent research vendors to test and develop solutions. The primary areas of focus are:

  1. Understanding the value and application of return path data from television set-top boxes and smart TV’s
  2. Developing cross-media measurement tools for TV/premium video content and ads that move from TV to web and app-based mobile, desktop and OTT channels.