TAXI – Trackable Asset Cross-Platform Identification


Since its launch in 2013, the TAXI (Trackable Asset Cross-Platform Identification) initiative has helped significantly advance industry efforts to establish a system for identifying entertainment and advertising assets across distribution platforms and for setting standards for multi-channel asset tracking.

At the core of this initiative is development of an open standard for binding assets identifiers to advertising and content that would help these identifiers remain embedded throughout the media distribution eco-system. Ad-ID is the standard for identifying ads and Entertainment ID Registry for content.

Aside from more accurate tracking and audience measurement of content and ads across platforms, the benefits of such an open standard range from greater efficiencies and cost savings throughout the cross media ecosystem to improved workflows, to creating a foundation for the future of advanced advertising.

TAXI Today

Recently, TAXI has entered into an important next phase.

Working with the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) Study Group, it was determined that audio watermarking was the best method for binding metadata into video.  After evaluation, audio watermarking technology from Kantar Media was selected for standardization consideration by SMPTE.  This standardization is underway.

In preparation for a final determination of this standardization by SMPTE, CIMM has commenced with a Proof of Concept Pilot Test in conjunction with NBCU to determine application of this technology to tracking of IDs across linear television, VOD, and Digital Players. The test is being conducted with an eye toward potential commercial deployment in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

CIMM TAXI 2017 Update

Video:  CIMM TAXI (youtube)

SMPTE Open Binding of IDs to Video Essence Study

The  SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) Study Group selected a technical method to create an open standard for binding media identifiers into the essence of video. Standards in media asset identification will enable greater speed and efficiency throughout the media ecosystem, particularly as it relates to tracking videos for audience measurement purposes as they move across platforms. CIMM has selected two standard media identifiers: Ad-ID for ads and EIDR (Entertainment ID Registry) for content. Ad-ID is a joint venture from the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies), and EIDR is a joint venture of the movie studios through MovieLabs, Rovi, and CableLabs.  Both maintain online databases of all registered assets, complete with standardized metadata.



CIMM-EY TAXI Proof-of-Concept Pilot Test

CIMM-EY TAXI Feasability Study